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It’s cool to be clean with our new limited-time SO FRESH & SO CLEAN SET!

Soapy Pits Daily Deodorant perfectly captures that classic shower fresh scent, but without the aluminum & without leaving you smelling like baby powder (a “fresh” scent pet peeve of ours!). This set combines a full size Soapy Pits for your morning routine with our on-the-go essentials — Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer & Cucumber Mint Shower Sheets — so you can keep it fresh & clean, top to bottom!

Focused on just your pits? Check our MEET THE NEWBIES SET

Tested on Megababes, never on animals!

Set includes: 2.6 oz Beachy Pits Daily Deodorant & 2.6 oz Soapy Pits Daily Deodorant

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