As women, we are perfectly imperfect.

We’re also cute as hell, RIGHT?

So why does the beauty industry turn a blind eye to our imperfections, and who decided certain topics are so “hush hush” in the first place?

The truth is, being a woman is sometimes uncomfortable and even annoying but it should never be shameful!

So instead of pretending everyone has a thigh gap, what about thigh chafe, a real problem for millions of women? Newsflash: when the simple act of walking makes your thighs feel like they’re going up in flames, it hurts!

And let’s not forget about boobs. Anyone who has ‘em and has walked around on a hot day knows that armpits aren’t the only body parts that sweat. And yet we continue to accept sweat stains seeping through our tops, feeling like it’s part of the burden of being a woman.

Enough is enough! We need solutions, and men’s anti-chafe sticks or the baby powder your mom used in your diaper just aren’t cutting it.

And that’s why Megababe was born, a line of thoughtfully conceived and expertly crafted products that take the Ouch and the Ugh out of being a woman. We’re committed to keeping it simple, effective, non-toxic and of course chic so you can cross a couple grievances off your list, and do it in style. Because you’re too cute to chafe!